Bible Study Week 75 – July 5 Meeting

bible-808633_1280Welcome to the New Testament. It has been about 400 years since the prophets stopped speaking. Israel is in disarray… in the Promised Land, yet under the authority of a foreign government. The people are still trying to figure out how God fits into their life and how they are called to worship him. Some say worshiping God is about devotion to the law (Pharisees). Others say it is about temple worship (Sadducees). No one remembers it is a matter of the heart… Enter Jesus… May You save us from ourselves.

Monday, June 29. Matthew 1:1 – 2:23. The New Testament starts with a genealogy to point ot the distinctively Jewish decadency of Jesus.

Tuesday, June 30. Matthew 3:1 – 4:25. What was the significance of John’s baptism?

Wednesday, July 1. Matthew 5:1 – 7:29. What kind of a person do you think Jesus was in his ministry? Why were so many drawn to Him?

Thursday, July 2. Matthew 8:1 – 9:38. Why didn’t Jesus allow the man to bury his father?

Friday, July 3. Matthew 10:1 – 11:30. What did it mean to shake the dust off of one’s feet?

Saturday, July 4. Matthew 12:1 – 13:58. What was wrong with eating on the Sabbath?

Sunday, July 5. Bible study starts at 9:15 am followed by the Blended Worship Service. Then the Patriotic Picnic.