Bible Study Week 76 – Meeting date July 12

Jesus’ ministry is in full swing ibible-808633_1280n this weeks reading. As you read remember that God sent his Son to be our Savior, to be sure, but also to serve as a model of a Godly life. What can you learn from the intensity of Jesus’ ministry?

Monday           Matthew 14:1-15:39 What lesson will you learn today about faith? What is the purpose of miracles? How did the people respond? How should they have responded?

Tuesday           Matthew 16:1-17:27 What kind of a sign were the religious leaders looking for? Would the “Sign of Jonah” meet that criteria? Where was Peter’s rock, himself, or his confession? The answer is a key point to the Reformation.

Wednesday     Matthew 18:1-19:30 What is the key to greatness in the kingdom?

Thursday         Matthew 20:1-21:46 Today’s chief parable will teach you about Grace. What lesson did you learn?

Friday              Matthew 22:1-23:39 What was the purpose of the Sadducees question in Ch. 22:23-24? Did they even believe in the resurrection? (No they didn’t)

Saturday          Matthew 24:1-25:46 In Jesus’ day a young man and (very) young woman would consent to marriage, then the groom would go away to prepare a place for them to live. (Generally attaching his home to his Father’s house!) When he completed his work he would return for his bride. Knowing that, what is the message in today’s reading?

Sunday, July 12. Bible study starts at 10 am.