Bible Study Week 80- Meeting date August 23

This week we get to trbible-808633_1280avel with the Master and learn more about his life and his love. Imagine what it must have been like to walk with Him, hear his teachings, and observe the way he loved people. Luke is fascinated by his healing miracles. Ultimately one day we too shall be healed.

Monday           Luke 9:1-62

Luke’s recollection of Peter’s Confession of Christ records a prohibitive response. Why wouldn’t Jesus want the disciples to make this confession as of yet? Why are the words which Luke and Matthew recorded different?

Tuesday           Luke 10:1-42

Samaritans were, “half-breeds” between Jews and Canaanites. Jews, who thought the secret to their success as a people was purity, despised them. What lesson was Jesus trying to teach in his parable?

Wednesday     Luke 11:1-12:59

What was Jesus saying to the Pharisees’ when he compared them to unmarked graves? Remember the secret to their identity was purity…

Thursday         Luke 13:1-35

What is Jesus saying when he compares the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed? Growth has to start somewhere!

Friday              Luke 14:1-35

Do you remember what a Pharisee was? Jesus never asked a question he didn’t already know the answer too. What was he asking them?

Saturday          Luke 15:1-16:31

When the young son asked his father for his inheritance it was basically telling him, “Dad your worth more to me dead than alive.” How often have we chosen to walk in death as well!

Sunday August 23. Bible Study Starts at 10a.m.