Bible Study Week 81- Meeting date August 30

This week you will read some of Luke’s lesser known stories. Count the times you say to yourself, “I didn’t know that was in there!” Remember that Luke desired to create an “orderly account” of all that happened. For this reason Luke provides an abundance of

Monday          Luke 17:1-18:43

Tax collectors were despised by the people because they were puppets of the Roman Government. They made their living by collecting the Roman Tax, plus whatever else they could squeeze out of the people. Corruption was the order of the day.

Tuesday           Luke 19:1-20:47

What was the source of Jesus rage? Were the Tradesmen a symptom of a greater problem?

Wednesday     Luke 21:1-22:71

Good Friday is the one day when the sinner and the saint come to agreement. If you could have stopped the crucifixion would you?

Thursday         Luke 23:1-24:53

The Temple tore signifying that there would no longer be division between God and man.

Friday              John 1-2:25

The NIV begins by talking about the “Word”, yet that only begins to capture its meaning. The Word , logos, was “the thing”… “That which is the governing principle of the universe.” Plato might have called it, “The Ideal of Forms.”… “The perfect thing.” Can you see how big of a deal it is that “The Word” became flesh?

Saturday          John 3:1-36

What does it mean to be born of water and spirit? We all need a spiritual rebirth!