Bible Study Week 82- Meeting Date September 6

bible-808633_1280Pay attention to the details this week. John is a brilliant gospel with some interesting idiosyncrasies…for example, did you know that all acts of faith take place during the day in the Gospel of John? All acts of unbelief take place at night. John is not considered one of the Synoptic Gospels because it appears to be written typologically rather than chronologically. John connects Jesus’ “signs” to show us his divinity.

Monday           John 4:1-54

The sixth hour was high noon. This woman went to gather water in the heat of the day…she would have been all alone at that time. Why do you think she did this?

Tuesday           John 5:1-6:71

In order for a testimony to be valid it had to be validated by others. Who validated Jesus’ testimony?

Wednesday     John 7:1-8:59

The Pharisees twisted God’s Word today. The Law demands that both the man and the woman be punished, but does not open the door to stoning.

Thursday         John 9:1-10:42

In Jesus’ day a shepherd would lay down in front of the gate opening when it was time for the sheep to rest. A wolf would have to climb over the shepherd to harm the sheep, or kill him first. What is Jesus saying?

Friday              John 11:1-12:50

Why was Lazarus wrapped in strips of linen?

Saturday          John 13:1-14:31

Why did Jesus wash his disciples’ feet? Are you that kind of prince / princess?