Bible Study Week 83- Meeting Date September 13

bible-808633_1280This is a beautiful week of reading where Jesus’ compassion can be heard in His words. We hear John’s passion account and experience the reconciliation Jesus came to accomplish and he comforted Peter and us. Enjoy and celebrate!

Monday           John 15:1-16:33

What is the work of the Holy Spirit? Who is the prince of this world? Why was that title conferred upon him?

Tuesday           John 17:1-26

How does the truth sanctify (wash us) (make us holy)?

Wednesday     John 18:1-19:42

Jesus’ trial was in violation of Jewish law…it was a back-handed affair. (By their fruits you recognize them.)

Thursday         John 20:1-21:25

Rabboni is a passionate way to say, “My Teacher!”

Friday              Acts 1:1-26

Why is Acts 1:8 such an important verse?

Saturday          Acts 2:1-47

Why is Pentecost called “the birthday of the Church?”