Bible Study Week 84- Meeting Date September 20

bible-808633_1280Have you ever noticed that husbands and wives often begin to take on similar characteristics as they continue living in their married life? This week we celebrate the Bride of Christ (which is the Church) beginning to imitate His way of life. The church started out as eleven men seeking a twelfth, but soon gave birth to thousands as many were “born again” in the name of Jesus Christ. Consider this…the power that they had in the early church, we have. The promise that they had in the early church, we have today. May we be as bold, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to engage in the mission of the Church.

Monday           Acts 3:1-4:37

By what power was the man healed? Is that power still available in the world today?

Tuesday           Acts 5:1-42

Why were Peter and the other Apostles’ flogged? What was the effect?

Wednesday     Acts 6:1-8:40

Grecian Jews were members of the Church who came from all over the Roman Empire, but had returned to Jerusalem. Hebraic Jews lived in Palestine and spoke only Hebrew and Aramaic. The early church suffered from cultural differences with respect to how to care for the elderly and widows. They worked it out in the name of Jesus. Do you ever have different expectations about what “Church” should be then your brothers and sisters in Christ? What should be done about that?

Thursday         Acts 8:1-9:43

Why was Saul renamed?

Friday              Acts 10:-11:30

What does “The Church” consider to be “clean” today?

Saturday          Acts 12:1-25

Why was Herod judged so harshly?