Bible Study Week 87- Meeting date October 11

bible-808633_1280This week the Apostle Paul gives us instruction about some of the certainties of the Christian faith. One certain is that we have a natural tendency toward sin (concupiousness), “The good that I would, but don’t” as it were… the other is that nothing, not even our concupiousness can separate us from the God who loves us. Praise be to God that though we do not measure up, in Christ our cup runs over!


Monday           Romans 7:1-25

What was the year of Jubilee? How did it relate to slavery? How does that relate to your life?

Tuesday           Romans 8:1-39

To be redeemed means to be bought back. Who or what had been our master? Who is now?

Wednesday     Romans 9:1-11:36

To people of our faith, Christ is the chief cornerstone. What is He to those who do not share our faith? Did you ever notice that every other religion has to explain who or what Jesus is…things that make ya go hmmmmmmmm.

Thursday         Romans 12:1-21

What does it mean to call the Church the Body of Christ? (Who does God use to touch the lives of this world?)

Friday              Romans 13:1-14:23

What is your responsibility to a weaker brother or sister in the faith?

Saturday          Romans 15:1-16:27

Who is the Root of Jesse?