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Concordia Bible Study Starts This Week

Our Concordia Bible Study starts this week with our first class gathering on Sunday, March 12, at 10 AM.

Here’s the message from Pastor Mark, followed by the daily readings along with study notes.

Welcome! You are in my prayers. I am praying that God will strengthen you over the course of the next 2 years that you may complete a trek through the Holy Scriptures and in turn be strengthened in your faith and life. The Bible is not subtle about revealing its purpose if you look closely enough. You need look no further than the first words spoken by God to see that He has a plan and that you are included in that plan. I encourage you to take a close look at what the Words of Holy Scriptures say. Be challenged by them.   Be encouraged by them. Be convicted by them. And be comforted in them. These words have a way of changing lives. May God bless you as in His Word you continue to become what He has declared you to be!

Today’s Light Reading Plan — Week 1

  • Monday – Genesis 1-2:25
  • Tuesday – 3:1-24
  • Wednesday – 4-6:8
  • Thursday – 6:9-8:22
  • Friday – 9-10:32
  • Saturday – 11-12:9

Study Notes for the Daily Readings

  • Monday – Take a look at chapter 1 verse 3-5.   Where is the Light source?   (The sun wasn’t created until day 6!) Now fast forward to Revelation 21:23. Do you think God had a plan? What is the purpose of Holy Scripture?
  • Tuesday – 3:22 – God in his love for sinful mankind would not permit man to live eternally in sin. Is death for the sinner a matter of punishment or grace? 3:15 is said to be the first words to foreshadow Christ. What is enmity? Do we still have it?
  • Wednesday – Why was Cain’s offering rejected but Abel’s accepted? Notice what Abel brought forth: The life of the first born of his flock. Sound familiar? “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”
  • Thursday – The word we use for “ark” in Noah’s case was the same word we use for “basket” in Moses’. The ark was essentially a very big basket with no rudder…in fact, no navigational features at all. Does it sound sea worthy? Who was in control?
  • Friday – Do you and I still bear the image of God? Some theologians would say, “no.” What do you think? (9:6) What are the implications of this truth?
  • Saturday – Was God intimidated by man’s ability to work well together? Was it a threat to His divinity? Why did he “confuse their language?” It is so much more important to belong to the land of the free than the home of the brave.


Single Blended Worship Service 10:30am Sunday October 30, 2016

Concordia Lutheran Church Will have a single Blended Worship Service this Sunday October 30 at 10:30am.  Sunday school will be prior at 9:15am.special sign resized

September Windsock Available Now

windsock-1140347_1280The latest issue of the Windsock Newsletter is available. Mark your calendars for Rally Day, September 11, to learn all about our Christian Education Program.

See the September issue and previous issues at the News page.

Bible Study Week 87- Meeting date October 11

bible-808633_1280This week the Apostle Paul gives us instruction about some of the certainties of the Christian faith. One certain is that we have a natural tendency toward sin (concupiousness), “The good that I would, but don’t” as it were… the other is that nothing, not even our concupiousness can separate us from the God who loves us. Praise be to God that though we do not measure up, in Christ our cup runs over!


Monday           Romans 7:1-25

What was the year of Jubilee? How did it relate to slavery? How does that relate to your life?

Tuesday           Romans 8:1-39

To be redeemed means to be bought back. Who or what had been our master? Who is now?

Wednesday     Romans 9:1-11:36

To people of our faith, Christ is the chief cornerstone. What is He to those who do not share our faith? Did you ever notice that every other religion has to explain who or what Jesus is…things that make ya go hmmmmmmmm.

Thursday         Romans 12:1-21

What does it mean to call the Church the Body of Christ? (Who does God use to touch the lives of this world?)

Friday              Romans 13:1-14:23

What is your responsibility to a weaker brother or sister in the faith?

Saturday          Romans 15:1-16:27

Who is the Root of Jesse?

Bible Study Week 84- Meeting Date September 20

bible-808633_1280Have you ever noticed that husbands and wives often begin to take on similar characteristics as they continue living in their married life? This week we celebrate the Bride of Christ (which is the Church) beginning to imitate His way of life. The church started out as eleven men seeking a twelfth, but soon gave birth to thousands as many were “born again” in the name of Jesus Christ. Consider this…the power that they had in the early church, we have. The promise that they had in the early church, we have today. May we be as bold, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to engage in the mission of the Church.

Monday           Acts 3:1-4:37

By what power was the man healed? Is that power still available in the world today?

Tuesday           Acts 5:1-42

Why were Peter and the other Apostles’ flogged? What was the effect?

Wednesday     Acts 6:1-8:40

Grecian Jews were members of the Church who came from all over the Roman Empire, but had returned to Jerusalem. Hebraic Jews lived in Palestine and spoke only Hebrew and Aramaic. The early church suffered from cultural differences with respect to how to care for the elderly and widows. They worked it out in the name of Jesus. Do you ever have different expectations about what “Church” should be then your brothers and sisters in Christ? What should be done about that?

Thursday         Acts 8:1-9:43

Why was Saul renamed?

Friday              Acts 10:-11:30

What does “The Church” consider to be “clean” today?

Saturday          Acts 12:1-25

Why was Herod judged so harshly?