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A Pastoral Perspective On the Death of the American Church

She lived a long and glorious life, sent our children off to war and brought them back, manifested in the righteousness of our cause and the favor of our calling…The American Church, our nation, who with the blessing of the Almighty shined supremely before the Supreme, yet she is dead.

We held these truths to be self-evident that all men were created equal, that they were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. We confessed it in our pledge, we wrote it on our currency, that we were one nation, under God, and that our trust was in Him. But we showed ourselves to be different last Friday when we set aside the clear teachings of Holy Scripture for the gospel of secularism, and that’s okay. The American Church is dead.

No longer should we pretend to be a Christian nation. For though we say it in our pledge, and we write it on our currency, the god we speak of is not the God of the Bible, it is the god of the one speaking the words or holding the coins. The American Church is dead.

We can no longer expect our great nation to teach our children or our citizens Biblical morality, Biblical responsibility, or Biblical accountability. The American Church is dead, and in reality she never existed…she was a figment of our imagination, a very real part of our ethos, but in a changing world our ethos too has changed. And with that comes the last gasping breath of a national religion and the idea that it is possible to legislate morality. The American Church is dead. With what shall we replace it?

Jesus said, “On this rock I shall build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Believe it or not he was not talking about the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, or even the Bill of Rights. He said this in response to Peter’s confession, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

May I humbly suggest to those who wish to live in a Christian nation that we must replace the American Church with Jesus.

You see, though the American Church is dead, the Church in America is very much alive! She is still supported with the blessings of the Almighty, and still shining brightly reflecting His Light. As a pastor in His Church, I confess to you, those who share my faith, and those who do not, I am tarnished in every way, marred by sin, just as guilty before my God as any secular humanist, pagan reveler, or the Pope himself. I need Jesus. If you want something to unite us, there is nothing more uniting than the truth, “There is no one who is righteous, not one. No one who understands, no one who seeks God. All have turned away and have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.” – (Romans 3:11-12)

What has the God of the Bible done for these worthless humanists, secularists, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, straights, gays, bi’s, and Bob? He gave them Jesus.

Not everyone will receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, in fact most in the world reject Him. Yet that does not change the fact that God so loved them that He gave His only Son that by His grace through faith we might become what He has declared us to be: Forgiven and forgiving, loved and loving. You cannot legislate Biblical love. It must be caught and taught not by the American Church, but by the churches in America.

The American Church is dead. Yet one thing that makes America different than any other nation in the world is the fact that the majority of our citizens claim faith in Jesus. The best part of the Christian faith is that it ends in a resurrection.

Do you want America to be a Christian nation? Find a Christian Church and teach the solid Biblical principles of her faith to your children and your neighbors, not by means of legislation, but in humility and patience, bearing with one another in love.

Only then will the Church in America be faithful to her calling to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Mark F. Lasch, Pastor