Concordia 50th Anniversary Celebration Sermon and Message

We hope you were with us for the 50th Anniversary Celebration. But if not, all is not lost. We’ve recorded Rev. Dr. Gerald B. Keischnick, President Emeritus, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s sermon as well as Rev. Dr. Roger Grummer’s message.

As We Gather

Fifty years ago the landscape one-fourth of a mile west of Highway 157 in Bedford looks quite different. A farm-house stood on the five acres here, accompanied by century old oak trees and the dreams of those who would step forward in the name of Christ.

It was Charter Sunday, a day when all of the families who had joined together in this new mission called Concordia would sign her constitution and officially become charter members…the original founders of all that we are today.

Today you have the opportunity to celebrate the 50 years of ministry God has empowered us to do her. You also have the opportunity to do as they did, dream a little dream about all that God will do through us!

Rev. Dr. Grummer’s Message

Rev. Dr. Gerald B. Keischnick’s Sermon