February 2017 Windsock Available

The February 2017 Windsock newsletter is available. Check it out for the winning chili recipes and so much more that is going on in the church. Also, here’s Pastor Mark’s message, in case you can’t possibly wait to download the newsletter.

Red Rides

It has been said that the dreams of a sixteen year old boy revolve around two doors and four spinning wheels. My first car was a candy apple red 1978 Honda Accord hatchback that my friends and I dubbed, “Honda Baby.” As I think back to the adventures of that vehicle I remember heater core’s exploding, ignitions melting, clutches blowing, and friends of mine having the time of their lives never knowing what was going to happen next in that old car. Of all the quirks that car had there was one that was particularly annoying. The seat belt buzzer would continue buzzing until the seat belt was buckled with the driver safely strapped inside. That seat belt came in handy when “Honda Baby” decided to play freeze tag with a garbage truck….(tag, your it!) (but that’s another story!).

Today my red ride is a little bit different. Its bigger, has air bags, anti-lock brakes, and carries very precious cargo. Yet one thing is the same, before the car is in gear the seat belt is securely clasped for every passenger…a holdover from days gone by that shaped a very healthy habit.

We are in the midst of the Epiphany season…a time when we celebrate the revelation of God’s love in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. What habits do you see in his life? What habits do you see in your own?

I recently heard the story of a hell, fire, and brimstone preacher standing at the corner screaming to everyone within an ears reach, “Do you know where SINNERS go?” You anticipate his answer, yet he follows up his question with the simple statement, “Sinners go to church.”

We often say at Concordia, “We don’t go to church, we are the Church.” Having said that, what habits should we share? Jesus’ life was marked by the love of God working itself out in the love of Sinners. Thank God, for if Jesus didn’t love sinners like you and me he wouldn’t have anyone at all to love. Yet He made a habit of loving the lost and seeking the sinner. Shouldn’t we be in the habit of doing the same thing?

I tell you this, “Some habits are worth keeping!”

Love One Another!