Future Needs Committee

Welcome to our Future Needs Commitee page. We will be posting updates frequently. So, check back often to keep up with our work.


Chairman:    Murray Scheibe

Members:    Heather Finder, John Finder, Dick Lasch, D.R. Nelson, Justin Randermann, Katy Roy-Rosar


 The Future Needs Committee (FNC) was formed in August 2016 as an Ad Hoc committee, chartered and empowered by Church Council, to facilitate identification, evaluation and delivery of specific congregational needs based on input from Church Leadership and Membership.

The committee’s initial Task was to identify three BOLD (Believing Our Lord Desires) Moves for the Congregation, leading up to our 50th anniversary celebration in October 2017. The three BOLD Moves are:

  1. BOLD Move 1 – Staffing: Creation of a full-time Director of Administration and Student Ministry.
  1. BOLD Move 2 – Campus Facilities Expansion: Initiate a building program that includes both a new multi-purpose structure and renovation of current office and fellowship areas.
  1. BOLD Move 3 – Outreach: Increase our Congregation’s collective awareness, intention and support of outreach opportunities. Seek to identify specific outreach initiatives for each active board. Develop and execute one and three year outreach plans.


The Committee is now focused on BOLD Move 3 “Campus Facilities Expansion”. Current activities include site visits to area churches to tour facilities, architect selection, confirmation of proposed facility amenities/characteristics and initiation of Funding Plan development.

While emphasis is on Campus Facilities Expansion, the Committee continues to serve as a “clearing house,” facilitator and communication channel for ideas, requests and information related to needs of Concordia.


Here are links to our key documents. Click to open in a new window or to download.

Meeting Minutes
Important Documents