Officers and Boards


Congregational Officers

  • Executive Director: Robert Holley
  • Asst. Exec. Director: Katy Roy-Rosar
  • Treasurer: Nancy Brazell
  • Financial Secretary: Melissa Gattoc
  • Council Secretary: Mele Masalosalo

Board of Christian Education

Director: Denise Murawski

Members: Gail Shepperd, Katie Randermann, Ulana Ratley, John Angell, Lynn Webster, Mele Masalosalo, Lucinda Garcia, Nancy Hoffmann

Board of Fellowship

Director: Katy Roy-Rosar

Members: Shirley Brady, Ruth Farr, Lisa Holley, Debra Basler, Sue Greenwood, Nalani Weaver, Mele Masalosalo, Hana Hoffman, Tamara Luckenbill, Bev Edwards, JoAnn Truelock

Board of Lay Ministry

Director: Justin Randermann

Members: Bruce Nelson, Brad Shepperd, Mase Masalosalo, Steven Wilkins, John Finder

Board of Youth

Director: Aime Jackowski

Members: Mele Masalosalo, Mase Masalosalo, Steve Wilkins, Rebecca Wilkins,Sharon Anderson, Caitlin Andrews

Board of Evangelism

Director: Linda Provence

Members: Nalani Weaver, Nancy Sperry, Mase Masalosalo, Mele Masalosalo, Hana Hoffmann, M.D Brown, Roni Scheibe, Peggy Sigler

Board of Parish Resources

Director: OPEN

Members: OPEN

Board of Property

Director: John Finder

Members: Bill Basler, Heather Finder, Aaron Schrader, Brad Shepperd, JoAnn Truelock, Dennis Swenson, Jason Bronner

Concordia Lutheran Church and its staff are completely supported by its members, there are no funds received from our synodical structure. We are a stand-alone, self-supporting independent congregation.

Board Responsibilities

The administrative boards help us to accomplish Concordia’s challenging mission. Read on to learn how each Board contributes to our church body!

  • The Board of Evangelism helps all of us become more alert to the need to spontaneously and intentionally share our Christian faith with others.
  • The Board of Parish Resources helps us to learn how to be more successful in managing our time, talents, money and property in a God-pleasing way. This board also helps us engage in fellowship activities and keeps the congregation informed about special activities.
  • The Board of Education helps to provide Christian educational opportunities for our children and adults. In addition to Sunday School and Adult Bible Classes, this board also provides opportunities for youth group activities.
  • The Board of Lay Ministry is comparable to the board of elders or board of deacons. These men assist the pastor during the Sunday worship service, schedule ushers, acolytes and attend to other worship needs. They help keep the many activities and functions of the congregation in harmony with Scripture and good order. Each Lay Minister has a “little flock” of the membership with whom he makes contact from time to time, listens to their ideas and feelings and offers encouragement and help. In this way they help the pastor and the rest of the congregation minister to one another more effectively.
  • The Board of Properties care for our church building and grounds. They enlist the help of the membership in keeping the church clean, in good repair, as well as, an attractive place to worship.
  • The Church Council is composed of the congregational officers and the directors of each administrative board. They help make good decisions with respect to our mission and ministry and provide guidance coordination of effort in planning.
  • The Voters Assembly is the final decision making body for our congregation. All adult members who are 18 and over are encouraged to participate in the Voters Assembly. It is this body which elects our leaders and keeps our membership informed about the activities and needs of our congregation.