Sermon December 31 2017 — The First Sunday After Christmas

Today’s sermon was provided by Seminarian Josh. Recording below.

As We Gather

Christmas is a once-a-year event. Just a few days ago, we celebrated the birth of Jesus with great joy. Tempting as it is to put Christmas behind us and move on, today’s readings remind us that what happened at Christmas impacts every day of our lives. The consequences of Jesus’ birth were not over for Mary and Joseph. They took Him to Jerusalem, and there He was blessed by Simeon. There Anna gives thanks to God for Him and told everyone who encountered about Him. With Simeon, we are called daily to bless Jesus. With Anna, we are called daily to give thanks for His redeeming us, and to tell others the good news of it. In the Galatians reading, we are reminded that Jesus was born to redeem sinners and to adopt us as sons and daughters of God. This redemption, the status as adopted by God, is there for us every day throughout the year. The Old Testament Reading declares that God “clothes us with garments of salvation” and “covers us with the robe of righteousness,” and in Christ we are assured that this clothing, a covering, is our daily attire all year long. Christmas is a once-a-year event, but its gifts remain with us throughout the year — Christmas Every Day.


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