Sermon January 7 2018 — The Baptism of Our Lord

Here is Pastor Mark’s sermon on Epiphany Sunday.

Calming Chaos

When we think of the “In the beginning” of God’s creation, we usually think of the perfection and paradise of the Garden of Eden. But the Bible tells us more about God’s work of creation. We can peek under the curtain of what was even before God’s creative work. The Bible tells us, “The earth was without form and void.” The Hebrew word means primeval chaos-formlessness, confusion, unreality, emptiness. Life cannot exist in chaos. We know that as a practical matter. Lies, accidents, and frustrations—sin—does not produce life. The wages of sin is death!

God’s Word, however, “Let there be,” brought order, peace, and the paradise of His creation. As God spoke His creative Word in the beginning, so at our Lord’s Baptism, God spoke again, “You are My beloved Son.” By Baptism into God’s beloved Son, God’s Word is spoken over you, bringing order, peace, and salvation. That’s because Jesus took all our chaos-our sin-into Himself to the depths of its wages, namely, death on a cross. By faith in the crucified Lord, our sin and the power of the chaos around us is taken away. In Christ, we have peace.


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